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Style Comb Set: Limited Edition
Jade Kersey
Favourite comb

I am in love with my new Jade comb. I get the benefit of a different colour but also one that doesn't stain. It's pastel and it stays pastel.

Hairstylist Staples

This is an amazing set. The brushes are ergonomically designed. Longer handles and softer and longer bristles that allow for precise application and ease of stroke to blend. The bowl is great! Holds a good amount of product without spilling and the teeth help to hold the right amount of product. The whisk is comfortable to use and allows for a smooth blend of product. Everything is easy to clean. Shipping was fast in spite of it being international shipping.

How cute!!

Love the colour of course!! The whisk is a game changer !! Brushes are great.


I bought this after seeing all the hype about them. WOW. SERIOUSLY THE BEST! About to put another order in for more. Can’t live without it now 🤩🤩🩷

Pro Wet Dry Style Combo by Hello Bleach
Love the combo

I put my reviews of each of these items separately as well. Together it’s a great combo. I wouldn’t put the cutting cape anywhere near colour or the bib to avoid staining. Both the bib and cape and super light and comfortable. The colours help to brighten up the mood and day for everyone. They’re both convenient Ian’s multitasking tools to have on hand. I use them in salon and for mobile hairdressing. I don’t go anywhere without them now. And I’m glad Belinda made a combo deal for the both. They’re definitely worth purchasing and trying out. I’ve only had them maybe a month or so and I find I get annoyed with myself when I forget to use them knowing how much easier they make my life. Oh and the clean up!! So much easier!! I’m not wiping the basin down too to bottom. Just a quick wipe down from a wet towel that I used to dry a clients hair with and over and done with. The cutting cape, I can’t explain to you how happy and excited I was for that release. The amount of problems/annoying issues this cutting cape has solved that I have with traditional capes is unbelievable and highly appreciated. My biggest thing is I love freehand cutting and I can do this safely with no issues with this cutting cape knowing I don’t have any lumps or bumps or bunching that’s going to cause issues with my cut or accidentally cut into the cape. Honestly definitely worth the purchase 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

So happy it’s finally arrived

I adore this cutting cape. I was so excited when I saw the sneak peak video posted. I can’t explain to you how over I am the way traditional capes bunch up around the neck. Constantly having to turn it, to then have clients complaining that it’s too tight, too hot, too sticky, make it bigger, now I’m itchy from hair getting in, accidentally cutting into the capes where it bunches and folds. I love free hand cutting but find it difficult with traditional capes because of the reasons above. This cutting cape solves all these problems. I chose the pink/blush cape and it’s gorgeous. It’s gives a very sophisticated and stylish look. Sometimes I’ll use it without a traditional cape underneath and I’ll either pay more attention to avoid getting hair on the client at the front or just turn it around and turning it around is 1000x easier. Clients appreciate how light it is. And it doesn’t give that terrible and awkward ‘drowned rat look’ we all know and hate from traditional capes while sitting in the chair. I love how such a simple thing can elevate so many things so easily. Thanks Belinda! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

Love the Bib

I do love this bib. It’s made washing older clients that don’t fit quite right in the basin so much easier without getting them wet. It’s made colouring and the clean up easier, basin work like balayage and toning easier. I got the hot pink which fits with the rest of my equipment and gives the all black fun pops of colour to brighten up our days

Nice soft brush

I like that the brush is soft & flexible when painting.

I love this brush!

I used the brush for the first time & was really happy with it. It is great to work with as the brush is soft but not sloppy & firm but not inflexible. Perfect for foiling as well as hand painting tricky curls.


Absolutely perfect I’m in love! Super practical, comfy for clients.. looks amazing clients always comment . Also got a free bowl which I LOVE can’t wait to order more 🤣

The best!!!

I love it!! Such a cool brand.

Clean and Professional

As a salon owner I am so happy to have discovered these bibs. Our beautiful cream chairs are protected from colour marks! Yay! The back drape on the bib comes low enough to go over the chair - perfectly weighted.
The bibs are also very professional looking. Services such as taking colour through ends on long hair and "tipping out" with bleach are now much tidier. There is less movement because the hair grips to the bib -
Clients find them very comfortable also and appreciate the fact that we have gone the extra step to protect them from any colour/bleach stains.
Added bonus is basin balayage - so good. Love them

Fantastic to use in both Bleach & cream colour. Definitely gets all the lumps out & makes for smooth colour application.


Absolutely love, so easy to use and clean.

The Whisk by Hello Bleach
Style at 86 Hair Salon

We received our whisks thinking they were just cute and the colours were fun but WOW! -we were super surprised at just how thorough and fast they mixed our products!
Don't think about it, just add to cart, you wont regret it.

We highly recommend The Whisk!

Ingenious idea & must have tool for any hairdresser.

This balayage cape is multifunctional & my absolute go to when colouring long hair. In the chair it lays flat so I can work my magic allowing the guest to feel protected & dry saving the usage of towels. BUT my favourite function is it doubles up as a basin balayage bib! It’s quick to cover the basin, fits perfectly, is nice & sturdy so I can work the hair on this canvas without collapsing into the bowl. Easy to wipe down & reusable. Bye bye cling wrap.

So Versatile

SO good use in the salon for basin balayage and for all my freehand work! Absolute GAMECHANGER

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