We make recyclable salon products & gear right here in Australia. Our hero product is our patented line of Hello Bleach Sustainable Hardware for hairdressers and our Hello Bleach Bib 2.0 ...made for quality hairstylists, who want to do better by the Planet!

Established in 2022, Hello Bleach started with our super practical, TPU Hello Bleach bleach bib....a dual action hairdressing cape/bib that not only protects your clients clothes BUT ALSO acts as a free styling balayage board and is now being used for basin balayage or bowlyage (yes we made it a thing!).

We get that life in the salon needs to be easier....so we make tools and gear that not only looks super on-trend buy makes styling (in particular bleaching and colouring) faster, efficient and much easier at the same time. The next generation of hairstyling is right here, with our patented Hello Bleach bib!

Made right here in Australia and shipping worldwide, the Hello Bleach Bib is a game-changing, simplifying, ergonomically designed, chic & savvy protectant cape/bib & free styling hair tool! Expect to take your salon game to all-new heights. The Hello Bleach Bib is a NEW favourite tool of colourists across the hairstyling globe.

Our end game is to ensure your life is easier and colouring is faster and more enjoyable. The Hello Bleach bib not only makes a styling statement but allows you to extend your hairdressing artistry and unique aesthetic touch across every part of the hairdressing process. Who said colouring had to be messy or boring?

Originally created by Belynda, a hairdresser of over 20 years, this patented crystal clear vinyl design has been carefully crafted for hairdressers/visionaries, who love practical tools for their craft designed to complement creativity and hair artistry.

Forget the boards capes, towels, weighted collars THIS bib will stop bleach damage in its tracks. After extensive tests, trials and research, we have created the PERFECT multi-action tool for hair artists, to eliminate washing, damage and fuss. It's an all-in-one tool that has been purposefully weighted, sized and tailored to suit all body shapes & all lengths of hair. Now you can protect everything from colour whilst using it as a pliable and flexible board to create your hair magic. The Hello Bleach Bib will let your hair artistry do the talking.

Created by hairdressers with over 20 years experience, Belynda designed her range of sustainable salon tools for hairdressers who want a cleaner range of products that help make styling faster and better while doing better by the planet!  She has designed tools she wanted to use but couldn't find. The Hello Bleach Bib was designed as she specifically needed something like this and could not find it anywhere on the market. She draws on thousands of hours creating colouring masterpieces, and used her experience to create the perfect tool that was not only practical and recyclable, but also looked good. We know that good hairdressing days begin and end with a good salon tools and the Hello Bleach Bib is one of those essential items that will form a staple in your artistry toolkit.

We can't wait for you to get creative and show us your colouring magic. Make sure you tag us on socials.  

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