Plastic Slayage: Hello Bleach's NEW Salon Tool Collection Unchokes the Planet with Style!

mars 07 2024 – Jodie Woods

Hey there, eco-warriors! We've got some exciting news to share with you. At Hello Bleach, we've been working tirelessly to create something truly special – an absolutely jaw dropping collection of pastel salon tools for all of you, our amazing hairdressers! And you know what? It's all about closing the loop on plastic waste in Australia, and we're totally on board with this mission!

Plastic waste is a massive issue in our country, and it's time to tackle it head-on. Did you know that Australia generates around a staggering 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste every year? That's like having a mountain of plastic trash as tall as the Sydney Opera House! And guess where most of it ends up? Landfills. Not cool, right?

But here's where we come in! At Hello Bleach wer'e trying to do something with all that unused plastic piling up.  Our Sustainable Hardware Collection is more than just pretty pastels and cool salon tools. It's our way of making a real impact on the plastic waste crisis. We've collaborated with top-notch toolmakers and manufacturers in SE QLD Australia, to design eco-salon tools that not only hairdressers need, but as a valuable end commodity for all that plastic waste typically ending up in landfills.

So, what's the deal with closing the loop on plastic waste? It's all about giving plastic a new lease on life. Instead of letting it sit in landfills for centuries, we're transforming it into stylish and functional hair tools! By doing so, we're diverting plastic from landfills and reducing our environmental footprint. We're talking about less waste, less pollution, and doing better by the planet. For us we are just trying to do our bit to do something.....rather than importing more plastic into Australia, we're recycling the plastic we have into forever tools for hair salons. To date, we have recycled thousands of kilograms of hard PP plastic, (you know the kind they make the lids on bottles from) and with your help and support we are hoping to explode this number by the end of this year. 

We're committed to doing better by the planet, one hairdo at a time. With our Sustainable Hardware Collection, you can style with a purpose and slay the plastic waste monster! Every time you use our eco-salon tools, you're making a statement that says "no" to plastic waste and "yes" to a greener future.

Join us in our hairvolution to close the loop on plastic waste in Australia. Let's be eco-chic and eco-conscious, all while using fabulous salon tools! Together, we can make a real difference and do our part to protect this beautiful planet we call home.

So, here's to hair salons that rock a boujee Hello Bleach aesthetic and close the loop on waste in style together! 💇‍♀️🌏♻️


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