The Hello Bleach Bib - A New Generation Hair Tool to Stop Single Use Salon Waste

December 06 2022 – Belynda Bennetts

Ethical consumption is becoming more popular, and millions around the planet are demanding products which are not only great for them but also good for the planet. 

You can go natural with sustainable and eco-friendly hair products to save both your hair and the environment. Here is a list of some eco-friendly and sustainable salon products which will have you say goodbye and replace your old ones.

New Hello Bleach Hair Bib

The Hello Bleach Bib is a dual-action tool for salons and hair stylists. It provides hairdressers with a new and effective way to style their client's hair. The hairdresser's bib protects clients and their clothes from bleach and color while also serving as a balayage and freestyling board for creative hair artistry.

It is Australian made and also environmentally friendly in the sense that it's durable and lasts, as you can wipe or wash it and reuse it multiple times to help reduce salon waste from disposable capes and one-use towels and the washing associated with towels. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Conditioner and shampoo bars are some of the most eco-friendly and sustainable hair products since they produce no waste. Because bars are usually much more concentrated than conventional bottled products, they can last approximately six times as long. It also means that there will be fewer plastic bottles in landfills.

A Bamboo Comb or Brush

Bamboo is among the most environmentally friendly plants on the planet. Bamboo has a rapid regrowth cycle and can also be grown without using chemicals.

Traditional plastic combs increase your hair's electrical charge, resulting in more static. When you change to a bamboo hairbrush, you will also say goodbye to frizz and flyaways and hello to smoother hair.

Pure Heat Breeze Hair Dryer

We've all used a styling tool at a certain point in our lives, and while these tools are small, they have a huge impact on the environment and planet. Pure Heat's products are created using entirely recycled materials and packaging.

When it comes to hair styling salon tools, the said device is as environmentally friendly as they come. Ideal for any individual or salon that wishes to go green.

Ways to Lower Salon Waste

Minimise Colour Waste

Colour waste accounts for a significant portion of salon waste. Salons waste approximately 40% of their color stock on average, with 2 from every 5 color tubes being washed down the drain. This can be reduced by using the Hello Bleach Bib.

Reuse Whatever You Can

Begin by reducing your use of single-use products wherever possible such as a plastic cutting cape. Reuse whatever you can, like bottles, and gowns to reduce the amount of waste which ends up in landfills.

Recycle And Upcycle

All hair salon methods of waste disposal should aim to reduce your environmental impact. Begin by using suitable recycling bins to sort plastic, paper, and glass to help develop an eco-friendly and sustainable salon.


It's past time to end your toxic relationship with toxic hair products. Choose eco-friendly hair products to save both your hair and the environment. Start with the Hello Bleach hair bib. The Hello Bleach Bib is a one-of-a-kind hairdressing tool that provides a new and efficient way for hairstylists to style their client's hair and put's an end to single-use disposable plastics.


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