Hello Bleach Mission Statement: Choose Salon Tools that Do Better by the Planet! We're Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste in Australia to move Towards a Circular Economy. 

At Hello Bleach, we're on a mission to transform the hairdressing industry by closing the loop on plastic waste in Australia and helping Australia move towards a Circular Economy. We're doing this with salon tools that do better by the planet and here's how. 

As a proudly female-owned and operated Australian company, we stand at the forefront of innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Our commitment to revolutionising the hairdressing industry has led us to develop a range of high-quality, sustainable salon tools that not only elevate the artistry of hairdressers but also champion environmentally responsible practices, with our patented line of innovative salon tools being made in Australia from recycled plastic.

Australia’s Plastic Waste Problem:
Every year, Australia consumes a staggering 3.5 million tonnes of plastic, with only a mere 12.4% of this waste being recycled. The hair and beauty industry, including salons, plays a significant role in this unsustainable overconsumption. Single-use plastic bibs, plastic cups, cling wrap, gloves, and plastic bottles (their lids) may be convenient, but the detrimental impact of plastic waste on our planet cannot be ignored and each and every day, most end up in landfill. 

How Hello Bleach is Helping to Close the Loop:
We are committed to transforming this linear pattern of plastic consumption into a sustainable loop. Currently, plastic products are created, used, and discarded, contributing to the plastic waste crisis. To close the loop, we are dedicated to ensuring that all our products are made from recycled plastics and are 100% recyclable, providing a valuable end commodity to some of the plastic that historically just ends up in landfills.

Our Impact:
Since our inception, Hello Bleach has diverted a remarkable 4118 kg of plastic from landfills, and we are just getting started. By the end of 2024 we hope to triple this figure with the support of you...eco-minded hairdressing salons and salon supply stores who believe in our mission and support us by choosing our products over imported virgin plastic products. We believe that eco-minded salons have the power to make a substantial difference by choosing sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality. By using our range of high-quality, sustainable salon tools, eco-minded hairdressers can contribute to the circular economy vision and help combat Australia's plastic waste problem significantly. 



Our Sustainable Hardware Collection, proudly manufactured in our Salisbury, Queensland factory, is at the heart of our mission. It includes innovative products such as The Whisk (recently named as a finalist in the AHFA 2023 Best New Hair Tool Category) helps reduce product and water waste in the salon. The Deep Tint Bowl with Teeth helps as it's deeper and wider, and the teeth helps disperse colour better and more evenly, helping it go further. The Combs with Heat protectant up to 150 degrees Celsius, The Tint Brush Collection, and Balayage Boards collection are all made with unique features to help hairdressers be more efficient in the salon. All these tools are made using recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable to ensure they can continue their recycling lifecycle.


Our NEW Hello Bleach Bib 2.0
This is our hero product and has recently been nominated as a finalist in the Australian Hair Festival Awards 2023 Competition as a finalist for the Best New Hair Tool category. Made from eco-friendly TPU it's 100% recyclable and biodegradable but it's sustainability element gets even better. It's made to replace single-use salon plastics like disposable capes, and cling wrap at the sink, which hairdressers typically do for a basin balayage technique. It truly is an innovative new hair tool, it's patented and there is nothing quite like it on the market. 

Join the Hello Bleach Free Thinkers of a Clean Tomorrow Movement:
Hello Bleach invites you to explore our range of salon hardware that doesn't harm the planet, but by choosing our salon tools you're choosing to help close the loop on plastic waste and reduce tonnes of plastic heading to landfills in Australia. By choosing Hello Bleach, you not only elevate your salon game but also make a positive impact on the environment. When you're done with your sustainable tools, simply pop them into the recycling bin to give them a second life. Join us in the mission to close the loop on plastic waste in Australia and be part of the change our planet urgently needs. Together, we can make a world of difference, one sustainable salon and hair colour at a time. Shop our Collection now. 

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