Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste in Australia

October 26 2023 – Jodie Woods

The newest range of Hello Bleach Sustainable Hardware for Hairdressers is here! Savvy stylists and eco-conscious colourists, you’re in luck. We’ve collaborated with hairdressers, toolmakers and manufacturers to produce and perfect our range of sustainable salon-ready tools, that are all unique and made with unique sustainable points of difference. Many Australian businesses have dedicated themselves to closing the loop on plastic waste, and Hello Bleach is 100% behind this mission. 

Australia’s Plastic Waste Problem

Every year, Australia consumes approximately 3.5 million tonnes of plastic, a 200% increase in the amount of plastic we used in 2000. With the average Aussie discarding 130kg of plastic annually, and only 12.4% of this plastic waste then being recycled, it’s time for some big changes to fight this big problem. 

The hair and beauty industry and salons play a huge part in this unsustainable overconsumption. After all, single-use plastic bibs, hair nets, cups, gloves bottles are affordable, easily accessible and readily available..and when you're in a stressed out, time poor moment it's easy to grab for these things. But this easy reach and quick mentality needs to change. Particularly as the impact that plastic waste is having on our planet and the plastic waste heading straight to landfills in Australia and the level of microplastics infiltrating the oceans, our soils, our water and the levels we are ingesting.

How Hello Bleach is Helping to Close the Loop

Mmmmm..... so we got to thinking on how we can help and do somethign positive to try to curb this waste particularly salon waste in Australia, and we realised with the Hello Bleach brand, we have the power to try to combat Australia’s plastic waste problem in a few ways. And after hours of R & D we realised the most powerful way is by closing the loop, of course!

Right now,  in Australia the loop actually looks more like a line. Plastic products are made, used and then discarded.

To turn it into a loop, we need to ensure all plastic products are made from recycled plastics, and all these products are recycled once they’re used. By ensuring we use plastic that has been recycled, we can curb the need for the importing of virgin plastics (that add to the plastic crisis)  and by choosing better, choose purposefully, choosing Australian Made and choosing products made with a greater recycled plastic content, the impact you can make is IMMENSE.

Which is why, with each tool you choose from Hello Bleach you're actually helping divert plastic that typically ends up in landfills or our ocean while also stopping the importing of virgin plastics from overseas into Australia! It's a small but largely impactful step you can take to help reduce our plastic waste footprint. Also when you choose a tool like our Hello Bleach Bib 2.0, you're also helping eliminate single-use plastics and waste in the salons; things like disposable plastic capes, disposable towels and cling wrap at the sink. It sounds simple, and that’s because it is simple. But it's a powerful and largely impacting step you can take to take a load off the planet!

At Hello Bleach, we know we wanted to make salon tools from recycled content and we wanted them to be readily available. We know as hairdressers, if you had the choice to reach for a more sustainable option, we would. It's just that there wasn't too many options on the market. Which is why we’ve developed a range of high-quality, sustainable end products. They just do better by the planet and now after months and months of research, testing and development we have a viable alternative to cheap virgin plastics. And it's Australian made, quality, patented, purposefully and carefully designed salon tools all each with significant points of difference to help reduce product and water waste, and to make life easier, cleaner, more time efficient in the salon. 

But how much difference can we really make? Well, Hello Bleach has already diverted 4118 kg of plastic from landfill and were only just getting started. By the end of 2024 we hope to triple this figure with your help of course. It’s time for your salon to join the recycling revolution, without sacrificing any of your quality.

Read on to explore our range of salon hardware that doesn’t damage the planet.

Shop online our new range of Hello Bleach Sustainable Hardware Collection

Let’s take a closer look at the specific products that are closing the loop on plastic waste in Australia. The Hello Bleach Sustainable Hardware collection features:

  • The Whisk (Recently named as a finalist in the 2023 AHFA - Best New Hair Tool category) with open ended prongs with balls on the ends (rather than crossed over prongs) specifically made to reduce product and water waste (literally clean it in 2 seconds and reuse) plus the design whisks your colours into the most amazing creamy, dreamy blend. You have to try it to see!
  • The Tint Brush Collection - (With dense, thick, perfectly feather tapered bristles - honestly you have to try them to realise how good they are) 
  • Balayage Board & Balayage Board With Teeth (fits both wide and long foils, extra wide, extra long with ergonomic easy to hold handle and bevelled/ curved edges for seamless balayage and foiling) 

  • The Hello Bleach Bib 2.0 - in three amazing colours (also named as a finalist in the 2023 AHFA - Best New Hair Tool category) and replaces things like disposable capes, while acting as the perfect canvas for basin balayage or bowlayage - it's the sustainable salon side-kick you won't believe you ever lived without. 

    Our recycled plastic tools are moulded and manufactured right here in Australia, at our factory in SE Queensland and they're ready to be shipped globally. We are so committed to bringing manufacturing and jobs back to Australian shores while being passionate about creating a valuable end commodity for hairdressers from the plastic that typically is discarded and ends up in landfills. We're proud that we're helping close the loop on plastic waste in Australia and we hope you will get behind our mission for a cleaner tomorrrow, one salon tool at a time. 

    All Hello Bleach products are made using recycled PP plastic and are 100% recyclable. Once you’re finished with your sustainable tools, pop them straight into the recycling bin to give them a second life. And that’s how you help to close the loop on plastic waste in Australia!

    Shop online here. Afterpay at checkout. Free AUS Shipping on orders $179.90 or more. 


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