Hello Bleach's Sustainable Hardware Collection is the Hairvolution We've Been Waiting For! Salon Tools that Style, Sustain and Slay

October 21 2023 – Jodie Woods

Hey there, folks! I'm super excited to spill the beans on the innovative Sustainable Hardware collection from us here at Hello Bleach! This is some game-changing stuff, let me tell you.

So, you know how the world is all about saving the environment through reusing, recycling and reducing our footprint? Well, Hello Bleach is totally on board with that. We've just launched our brand new eco-salon tools made from recycled plastic – yep, you heard that right!


This collection is our direct to the circular economy vision set by the Australian Government. It's all about sustainability, baby! The tools come in incredible pastel tones that'll make your hair stand on end (in a good way, of course!). But the real magic lies in the material – recycled plastic from post-consumer and post-industrial PP and can be then also be recycled and continue it's life-cycle. 

We're not just all about saving the planet, we're also bringing back manufacturing to Aussie shores and supporting local jobs. We're all about female empowerment and making a difference in our community. Oh, and did I mention we're helping reduce the plastic load in Australia? Yep, that's right – less plastic in landfills, more sustainable solutions. 🌱

You might be wondering why this matters so much. Well, let me drop some knowledge on you. According to the latest ABS statistics, a whopping 27% of all waste in Australia goes straight to landfills! And guess what? A huge chunk of that is plastic – 2.5 million tonnes to be precise. And only a measly 9% of that gets recycled. We can do better, and we WILL do better with Hello Bleach! 💪

And it's not just a feel-good gimmick, my friends. Hello Bleach is serious about reducing waste and promoting circularity in the hairdressing world. We've crafted each tool with innovation and purpose to reduce waste in the salon and the plastic load on the planet. 


The Deep Tint Bowl
has finely curated teeth, ensuring your colour is distributed oh-so-evenly (making your product go further) and you can remove pesky stray hairs that get in the way while colouring. It's designed with purpose, the deeper and wider volume allows you to mix colours better (avoiding splashback) and more efficiently, and the teeth allow you to reduce your product waste and help your life in the salon. Additionally the base is ergonomically designed to stand firm so it doesn't tip easily and allows you to fit in your hand perfectly for the ultimate grip. 





The Whisk is patented and there is nothing quite like this baby on the market. Oh, and those open-ended prongs? (rather than close-loop prongs that trap your product) for top-notch aeration ensuring a silky, buttery, perfect consistency when whisking. 

Never seen before – totally revolutionary.... and specifically made to reduce product & water waste (as it takes seconds to clean without getting trapped in the looped prongs of many colour whisks on the market). PLUS this amazing tool has just been nominated as a 2023 AHFA finalist in the Best New Hair Tool Category. 



 Oh, wait, there's more! We've got our innovative and NEW Hello Bleach Bibs 2.0, nominated recently as a finalist for the 2023 Australian Hair Fashion Awards in the Best New Hair Tool category. 

Not just any type of cape, mind you, they're so much more.  These bad boys are made specifically for hairdressers to make your life in the salon faster and easier. Use as a balayage freestyling board. Protect your clients clothes from bleach and splashback and your salon furniture and also they stop the need to use and wash so many towels. They come in black, Hot Pink Pop and crystal clear TPU fabric, which is both biodegradable and recyclable! So while you're styling those fabulous hairdos, you're also making the planet smile as they're eliminating single use plastics like disposable capes and even cling wrap at the sink for basin balayage or bowlayage.






Behind the Hello Bleach brand is Belynda, who designed and manufactured the tools, drawing on over 20 years of hairdressing experience. With months spent in research and development of the prototyping, moulding and production the Hello Bleach collection of truly innovative salon tools. Every aspect has been tested and designed according to how hairdressers use these in the salon, making sure they're not only top-notch but also friendly to Mother Earth. You can read all about Our Story and Our Mission here. 

And guess what? Hello Bleach isn't keeping all this goodness to ourselves. We're on a mission to spread the sustainability love worldwide. We want every hairstylist and every community to jump on the green bandwagon. Let's make the planet a better place, one recycled plastic tool at a time!

So, next time you hit the salon, make sure you're using the Sustainable Hardware collection from Hello Bleach. It's time to make a sustainable statement with your style and help the planet and Australia at the same time. Let's be eco-chic together! 🌿💇‍♀️💚


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