Pioneering Sustainability: Transforming Your Salon into a Green Haven

October 02 2023 – Jodie Woods

In an era where sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a call to action, beauty and salon businesses are redefining their practices to meet the growing demand for eco-conscious services. If you're ready to join the clean future movement and make your salon more sustainable, here are some steps that can help you embark on your journey towards eco-friendliness.

1. Responsible Product Selection

Start by carefully evaluating the products you use in your salon. Opt for brands that prioritise natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Seek out products with eco-certifications and cruelty-free labels. Choose brands that offer organic, vegan, and cruelty-free hair care options. For example, consider using haircare products from brands like Nak, Davines Original Mineral or Kevin Murphy, known for their commitment to natural and sustainable ingredients. Another great eco-conscious hairdresser supply store is Eco Supplies based in Stafford QLD. They offer amazing brands like Sophic and Oway and specialise in cleaner, greener & organic alternatives for the hair & beauty industry.

2. Minimise Water and Energy Consumption

Salons are notorious for their high water and energy consumption. Reduce your environmental footprint by installing water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting. Consider investing in solar panels to harness clean energy and reduce your salon's reliance on fossil fuels. Simple changes, like more energy efficient globes,  turning off lights when not in use, turning off powerpoints and unplugging appliances, can also make a significant impact. Using more water efficient devices on taps like Eco Heads watersaving tech can greatly impact your water waste and your back pocket! 

3. Say Goodbye to Paper

In a digital age, paper is becoming increasingly obsolete. Embrace technology to reduce paper usage in your salon. Implement digital appointment books, email receipts to clients, and create a paperless check-in and check-out process. Not only will this save trees, but it will also streamline your operations.

4. Recycling and Upcycling

Make recycling a part of your salon's daily routine. Set up recycling stations for paper, cardboard, foil, glass, hair and other recyclables. Make it easy for your staff and clients to recycle properly. You can do it yourself or if you want the bins supplied and collected you can become a part of the Sustainable Salons Movement. You can find out about becoming a Sustainable Salon here. 

5. Purposefully Choosing more Sustainable/ Eco-friendly Salon Products

When it comes to salon equipment and tools, opt for sustainable options. The Hello Bleach Bib 2.0, a part of the Sustainable Hardware Collection, is a shining example, constructed from eco-friendly TPU material. It offers a sustainable solution for hairdressers, reducing the need for disposable plastic capes and cling wrap when it's used for basin balayage (the newest way this tool is being used). Or The Hello Bleach Whisk was recently awarded R&D funding for it's sustainable design. Not only is it made from recycled plastic but it's innovative design reduces product and water waste. By choosing products like this in your hair salon, you're taking a step towards being a greener business and making a huge impact on the planet.

6. Educate and Inspire

The journey to sustainability is a collective effort. Educate your team about sustainable practices and encourage them to adopt eco-friendly habits. Engage your clients in the conversation by providing information on the benefits of choosing a sustainable salon and offering tips for maintaining their eco-friendly beauty routines.

7. Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics are a major environmental concern. Minimise their use in your salon by offering reusable towels, using glass or metal containers for products, and replacing anything disposable with more eco-friendly alternatives. The Hello Bleach Bib 2.0 also plays a role in reducing single-use plastics like disposable capes by providing a reusable solution in the salon, plus it's stops the need to use so many towels - saving your washing time and water usage.

8. Support Local and Sustainable Brands

Give preference to local suppliers and brands that focus on sustainability. Supporting local businesses reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping and promotes community growth. For instance Sustainable Salons Australia is incredible. One of their most remarkable initiatives involves recycling salon foils. By collecting used foils, Sustainable Salons prevents them from becoming landfill fodder. Instead, these foils are processed and recycled into new products, creating a circular economy that significantly reduces the environmental impact.

But the waste-fighting efforts don't stop at foils. Sustainable Salons also recognise the potential of human hair waste. Instead of disposing of it, this hair is collected and repurposed into booms used for oil spill clean-ups. It's an ingenious way to put salon waste to good use and protect our environment simultaneously

You can also incorporate the Hello Bleach Sustainable Hardware Collection into your salon if you have a strong focus on eco-conscious tools and equipment. By consciously selecting companies like us at Hello Bleach the impact you make is immense. We're prioritising sustainability by using recycled plastic to manufacture our new and innovative range of salon tools, so you're not only choosing the greener path but also supporting an Australian business that is committed to a more sustainable future. We've already diverted 4118 kilograms of plastic from landfill and we've only just started. Imagine the impact we can make together? 

9. Sustainable Decor and Design

When renovating or redecorating your salon, consider eco-friendly design choices. Use sustainable building materials, such as bamboo flooring or reclaimed wood. Decorate with living plants to improve air quality and create a natural and inviting atmosphere.

10. Monitor and Celebrate Progress

Regularly track and assess your salon's sustainability efforts. Measure your water and energy consumption, recycling rates, and the adoption of sustainable products or join the Sustainable Salon program. Share your progress with clients and staff to keep everyone motivated and engaged in your green salon mission.

Embracing sustainability is not just about environmental responsibility but also a smart business move. Clients increasingly seek businesses that prioritise sustainability, and your efforts can set you apart from the competition. By implementing these sustainable salon practices and choosing more sustainably focused materials in your salon, (like the salon tools in the Hello Bleach Sustainable Hardware Collection), you'll do better by the planet all while saving money on energy and water bills and reducing product and water waste! We hope you join our Clean Future Movement.


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