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Hello Bleach has announced its line of new recycled salon tools with its manufacturing company based in SE QLD where they are producing an innovative range of salon tools available to purchase online at

This week, Hello Bleach was also named as a finalist for two of their innovative salon tools in the prestigious Australian Hair Fashion Awards Hair Competition 2023 for the AHFA Best New Hair Tool finalist category. 

Hello Bleach is owned by Australian Hairdresser and female Entrepreneur/ Inventor Belynda Bennetts who has partnered with an Australian manufacturing plant to produce an innovative collection of patented salon tools, in the NEW Sustainable Hardware Collection for hairdressers. Belynda had a vision for producing hairdressing tools that made life easier when colouring. She also wanted to create unique tools that helped create clean, precise colour work, seamlessly and tools that also help reduce product and water waste that also took a load off the planet as their made from recycled plastic.

Poignantly, Belynda wanted to ensure these products were made from recycled plastics, helping Australia move towards a circular economy and close the loop on plastic waste in Australia. Additionally, she wanted to ensure hairdressing tools were easily accessible to salons and salon supply stores from Australian shores, without having to import more virgin plastics from overseas. Belynda wanted an easily attainable and cost-effective sustainable solution for hairdressers and stockists rather than choose overseas plastics, to be able to easily purchase unique and ergonomically designed recycled plastic salon tools that are also 100% recyclable and can continue their recycling life cycle.

“I am excited to introduce Hello Bleach, a SE QLD company that is revolutionising the hairdressing industry with its patented line of salon products made from recycled plastic,” says Belynda Bennetts, Founder & Inventor of Hello Bleach. “I am also so thrilled to be named a finalist for two of our amazing sustainable tools in the AHFA awards and that we are in fact making waves in the industry and being recognised in this calibre of award is an absolute honour. The tools that made the finals are The Hello Bleach Bib 2.0 which eliminates the need for single-use salon plastics like disposable capes and cling wrap on the bowl for basin balayage, and the patented Whisk, designed to reduce product and water waste in salons”

“I saw a gap in the market for Australian-made products that are also 100% recyclable AND most importantly are made from recycled materials, which is how my concept of Hello Bleach turned into a reality. We have already diverted 4118 kilograms of plastic from landfill and I believe that the impact we can make is immense. We are going to market with our patented, recycled, plastic hairdressing products. We want to start an eco-conscious community of hairdressers who want to do better by Australia and better by the planet. Our Australian-made, recycled plastic salon tools are directly aligned with the Circular Economy vision of the Australian government and are helping close the loop on plastic waste in Australia, which is a significant problem with the majority of plastic waste ending up in landfill.” says Belynda Bennetts, Founder of Hello Bleach.

Key unique aspects of Hello Bleach as a company include.

  • Closing the loop: this means we have sourced tonnes of recycled Australian consumer plastics which is then recycled, washed, granulated and used to create a patented and innovative line of salon tools unlike anything on the market.
  • Hello Bleach has found a valuable end product for Australian post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste, meaning we are helping move Australia towards its circular economy goals.
  • Strongly passionate about supporting local jobs and bringing back manufacturing to Australian shores while being a female manufacturer.
  • Hello Bleach has already diverted 4118 kilograms of plastic from landfills. By producing a valuable end commodity we’re helping reduce the plastic load, particularly the plastic sent to landfill load in Australia and reusing hard plastics.
  • According to the latest ABS statistics, 27% per cent of all waste in Australia is sent straight to landfills (20.5 million tonnes). Plastic formed 2.5 million tonnes of waste with only 9% sent for recycling (227,000 tonnes), while 84% was sent to landfill (2.1 million tonnes).

At Hello Bleach we can see the potential scope of the business to help use recycled plastic to produce innovative hairdressing tools, unlike anything on the market. We are particularly aligned with the Circular Economy Government goals by 2030 to buy and use more products with recycled content and keep resources out of our landfills. Hello Bleach products are now sold in both national and international markets. Our business model ensures we are taking practical steps to recycle more plastic into a valuable end commodity, bring manufacturing back to Australia, and make an impact via social media education and impact sustainable social change into the future while creating jobs.

Hello Bleach’s new Sustainable Hardware Collection and the Hello Bleach Bib 2.0 for hairdressers are now available from our online store via our website. For more information on Hello Bleach salon products, visit We have already launched our online store and we are hoping to be available in retail stores in mid-Oct 2023 with stores stocking our products being finalised now and to be released shortly. For more information please call Jodie Woods Marketing Manager on 0452 292 676 or email Please also find a link to our Press Kit here.

Hello Bleach is a female-owned and Australian-owned business. Founder Belynda Bennetts, had a vision to create a purpose-driven e-commerce store with a mission to produce and manufacture her own line of quality salon tools that do better by the planet from here in SE QLD. Her purpose is to limit the importing of virgin plastics into Australia, and using recycled plastic to create her patented line of salon tools. Hello Bleach is best known for its revolutionary Hello Bleach Bib which eliminates single-use plastics like disposable capes and cling wrap. Belynda manufactures from a SE QLD plastic moulding and manufacturing company to produce quality salon tools for the hairdressing industry, made from Australian post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. The salon products help Australia move towards a cleaner, circular economy and are specifically made for eco-conscious hairdressing salons and salon supply companies wanting to take a positive move towards a cleaner and sustainable future. By purchasing products at Hello Bleach, you will be helping close the loop on salon waste, help eliminate single-use plastics in salons and help divert plastic going to landfills in Australia. To date we have diverted 1143 kilograms of plastic from landfill. Hello Bleach’s new Sustainable Hardware Collection for hairdressers and the Hello Bleach Bib 2.0 is available from the online store via our website at


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